Artificial Intelligence and its False Lies

Artificial Intelligence and its False Lies is an attempt of the artist to opt for proximity to this unfamiliar technology rather than observing fearfully from a distance. A garment covered with a high-low tech embroidered Artificial Neural Network, a kind of AI, is an intelligent “ghost” without a body of its own. By wearing the garment, the artist slowly teaches the network how she moves. Eventually this primitive intelligence machine-learns the wearer and dreams about her in her absence.

What does it dream of?

The project finally finished and here are the images and movies of outcome. Unlike the prototype movie, I tried NOT to explain the technical functioning in the final garment movie. I imagine this will cause someone to like it and others to hate it. But this was my artistic choice.. at least for now.

The embroidered Neural Network requires a lot of hand works and I had to extend the project period. This lead me to work in the strange time of the lock-down isolation. It was almost surreal to wake up, embroider, and sleep without much contact with others. The "work" became much more of "homework" and you can see this slight shift in the images I created.

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