Always Dead and Alive @ 104 STARTS Residency Days

During the final STARTS residency days at the end of February at Centquatre in Paris I had the chance to present "Always Dead and Alive" [1] in a theatre screening. Thanks to everyone who came, it was great to receive your valuable feedback. It was very captivating to see all the pixel come alive on screen.

Finally I also took some time to make a video documentation about my STARTS residency "Immersive Minimalism" at the Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Centre and Spin Digital Berlin.

Aside from the 8K video "Always Dead and Alive", I also produced 3D laser scans and 8K video footage together with PSNC. On purpose I created more material than I could process during the residency period. This gives me now the chance to keep working with the material for a new film project.

[1] "Always Dead and Alive" is an 8K video environment working with cellular automata (CA). In a coded architecture of abstract geometries, a sequence of self-generative patterns plays out, completed and enhanced by an abstract soundscape. It is an immersive and sensorial work intended to make a digital space experienceable in an organic audiovisual flow of light, color and sound, based on the mathematics of nature.

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