The world of genetics

What do you know about chromatin? I knew very little, leftovers from biology class and articles I had read. Although I tried to prepare myself for the residency reading different publications, I did not quite

When starting my residency with ChromDesign at CRG Barcelona it felt like stepping into a new world, a world of lab coats and gloves, microscopes and pipettes, informatics and biology.

I suddenly found myself in an epigenetics laboratory, accompanied by very patient and helpful scientist.

Who would have thought that cell cultures of heart cells start beating at a certain size?

Everything seemed fascinating! While I felt like a kid in a candy shop experiencing daily life at the laboratory, the Di Croce lab followed its daily routines.

I was allowed to watch experiments extracting DNA from a local amphibian, learned about histones and CHIP-seqs, Hi-Cs and TADs. But most of all I was able to ask all the questions medical news, articles about Crisper and futuristic journalism had left me with.

Maybe science wasn't as close to creating designer babies and curing cancer as the news sometimes made it sound? A world full of open questions, on-going research and interesting fact waiting to be revealed.

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