'Immersive Minimalism' at Ars Electronica Festival

Photo by Vanessa Graf

Nov 12, 2019

Together with my collaborators from PSNC, I was able to premiere my work from the Immersive Minimalism-residency at this year’s Ars Electronica Festival, which took place in early September. It was absolutely exciting for me to finally see and hear my video ‘Always Dead and Alive’ on a room-filling projection environment in 8K resolution. Also it was the first time for me to listen to the captivating 5.1 surround sound composition on a proper speaker system that my collaborator Jan Skorupa from PSNC created for it.

Photo by Vanessa Graf

The Deep Space 8 K area, in fact, was specifically created to allow 8k resolution projections to generate unprecedented audience experiences; it features a unique 16 x 9 m2 wall and 16 x 9 m2 floor projection space. This amazing physical location, allowed our first audience to be fully surrounded by the changing lights, patterns, and sounds, generated by the artwork. I was very happy to hear so much positive audience feedback, and to see they were moved and inspired by the unique sensory stimuli offered by the project.

After months spent collaborating to create and envision this uniquely intense presentation at PSCS but also at the Immersify-partner Spin Digital, it was moving to personally experience the final audiovisual piece alongside the audience and their encouraging reactions.

Photo by Magdalena Sick-Leitner

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