ATLAS - Residency in Taiwan - SEED MUSEUM - 千畦種籽舘

Nov 4, 2019

When you experience the VR version of ATLAS, your job is to plant entire cities…

These cities are made of buildings with organic properties, they can grow-up, reproduce themselves, or getting old…

And guess how do you plant your cities? Yes, using seeds!

The concept of seeds is an important part of ATLAS.

Different kinds of seeds make different kinds of houses…

Depending of where you plant the seeds, you will grow houses with different behaviors...

The residency in Taiwan gave us a chance to go deeper into this concept.

If you already experienced the VR prototype of ATLAS before, you know that the experience starts in a very fast way: you arrive directly at 80m above the ground, just before a huge dive inside a map…

We needed a proper introduction.

Thanks to the Kaohsiung Film Archive team, we discovered the Qianqi Seed Museum (千畦種籽舘), an incredibly beautiful museum in Tainan/Taiwan. And it’s all about… seeds!

We wanted to immerse our audience in that place, as the first steps of a deambulation that conducts from real places to the imaginary islands

In order to do that, we used a 8K 360 stereoscopic video camera.

A bit challenging, as you have huge difference of intensity between natural light from the outside and shadows in the museum, but the Insta360 Pro2 managed that quite well, with the help of a few post-production tricks.

In VR, the immersion effect is total.

(the 360 stereoscopic rendering, one image for each eye)

Our next step is to create a fluid transition, from these real spaces, to the imaginary ones.

Visiting this museum, with the explanations of the owner, gave us a lot of ideas for futur gameplay in ATLAS: seed bombs, seeds carried by the wind…

The "strategies" used by the seeds to spread are fascinating. In Atlas we try to translate these natural phenomenom into an interactive and poetical experience by diverting these behaviours to create unexpected results.

We also wanted to scan some special seeds from Taiwan in 3D.

In ATLAS, we try to use only “real” elements in order to create our virtual worlds: the houses are handmade and 3D scanned, the islands are made of photographic textures…

So we wanted to do the same with the seeds.

Here you can find some samples of our future 3d scans: the helicopter that will build the flying houses, the spiky seed that sticks to the walls, the floating seeds…

In an aesthetics perpective, the textures, shapes, colors of the seeds, are an infinite source of inspiration.

But the seed museum is just one step in our shooting schedule: we will continue using the 360 camera for other chapters of ATLAS...



A special thanks to 千畦種籽舘 / Qianqi Seed Museum - Tainan / Taiwan

for providing the place!



Marie-G. Losseau & Yann Deval


Museum Lab,

FEDER/Wallonie/En Mieux,

la Ville de Mons

Kaohsiung Film Archive,

Kaohsiung VR FILM LAB,

Forum des Images,

NewImages Festival,

Bureau français de Taipei

Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan,

Kaohsiung City Government,

Bureau of Cultural Affairs,

Economic Development Bureau

the STARTS Residencies Project

as part of the STARTS program of the European Commission


Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles

STRP Festival

Wallonie-Bruxelles International

Maison des Cultures et de la Cohésion Sociale de Molenbeek Saint-Jean



Microsoft Innovation Center Belgique

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