Cosmologies: work in progress @ IRCAM

Nov 4, 2019

On October 12th I presented work in progress on my STARTS residency “Cosmologies” at IRCAM (Institute for Research and Coordination in Acoustics/Music) in Paris, during Studio 5, Live: New Sound Syntheses, a Fête de la Science event. The demonstration situated the audience in three-dimensional sound of the piano using the 24-loudspeaker dome of IRCAM’s Studio 1, posing the question of how the spatial presence of an acoustic instrument and live performer can be reproduced with electronic sound. The images above show some of the data used for the project, adapted from Stefan Weinzierl et al. (2017). Each image shows an acoustic instruments recorded in a 32-microphone sphere (left) and the Higher-Order Ambisonic (HOA) radiation pattern of those instruments using IRCAM's Spat software (right) developed by project collaborator Thibaut Carpentier. The goal is to use these data to help the computer "learn" to diffuse sound in 3D alongside the live piano in a new composition. Below are some photos from the demonstration (thanks to project collaborator Jean Bresson), where the audience could listen to and interact with the system :

I recently discussed the project further in an interview with Vilja Ruokolainen on the topic "Art as a driver of technological innovation." I look forward to the next steps of the collaboration!

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