Muted - Preliminary work @Brussels

Oct 7, 2019

Muted - a fall through silence

Muted is an interactive installation of virtual reality that poetically tackles the subject of abandonment through weightlessness and sign language.

This is a story of a young girl who remains silent. Facing abandonment, she creates a whole universe, she imagines a sister, and invents a sign language to communicate with her.

The experience will take you to the depths, to the bottom of water, slowly, almost weightlessly along a thread as an apneist would do. The installation favours sensation as a journey in this story where violence is done through absence and silence.

Muted is not a virtual reality film, but a six degrees of freedom interactive experience that allows you to be fully integrated into the universe.


Speech impediment The main character in this story is a young girl who does not speak. I wanted to address the notion of abandonment through the impossibility of the spoken word. She refuses the words of the adult world, and to reclaim language, she invents a secret sign language. From the child's point of view, the body approach takes priority over the verb/word approach, she uses the physical gesture to try another world. Here the no-word constraint is a springboard to sublimate the act of expressing oneself.

Maud Chapoutier and Léonore Guy - Rehearsal

A choreographed sign language

Concretely, a dancer will tell the VR user childhood memories with an invented sign language. From their gestures and movement, poetic illustrations and animations (2D & 3D) will appear in space.

In this artwork, we will create an imaginary language to work the intention and emotion more than the exact meaning. The form of the movement will be inspired by existing sign languages, but is then part of a choreographic work. Maud Chapoutier and Léonore Guy are the dancers and choreographers of the project.

Maud Chapoutier and Léonore Guy - Rehearsal

Léonore Guy - Motion capture preliminary test

Underwater : Silence & Weightlessness

The main character (and the VR user) will leave the gravity of the world, let the rest on the surface, and dive into a new open and immense space.

Muted (Prototype) - Weightlessness along the thread of silence, as an apneist sinking into the depths.

Muted (Prototype) - Through the ramifications of memory, memories intermingle

Created by Christophe Monchalin

with the support of the :

VERTIGO / STARTS Residencies project as part of the STARTS program of the European Commission.

Fraunhofer HHI - Vision and Imaging Technologies

Chroniques 2018 – International digital art biennal

Created as part of the production platform, supported by the Région Sud - France

Coordination : Seconde Nature et ZINC.

Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles

Wallonie-Bruxelles international

With the help of :

La Maison des Cultures et de la Cohésion Sociale de Molenbeek-Saint-Jean

Le BRASS – Centre Culturel de Forest

La Maison du peuple, Commune de Saint-Gilles

Le Centre culturel Bruxelles Nord - Maison de la création

La Raffinerie / Charleroi Danses

Muted v1 Prototype

IT Dev and Graphics : Christophe Monchalin, Gauthier Roumagne - Interpretation : Léonore Guy, Maud Chapoutier - Illustration : Tomoko Yoshida, Christophe Monchalin - 2D animation : Evelien de Roeck - Music : Yann Deval - Voice : Léonore Guy

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