February 14, 2020

January 21, 2020

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ATLAS - Drone @ STRP Festival


May 20, 2019


We played Atlas at STRP Festival in Eindhoven (NL) in April 2019, following a proposal from curator Juliette Bibasse.




That was the first time we could exhibit ATLAS at that scale (100m²) , for seven users at the same time.

One  using HTC Vive (Virtual Reality), two with Hololens (Mixed Reality) thanks to Gluon, and four with iPads. 


We developped an Ipad app for that occasion, that allow the user to discover animations hidden in the exhibition, even outside of the performance schedule. 


So, that allow us to present ATLAS in an autonomous way, that doesn't require the presence of the artists the entire time. 




Joanie Lemercier helped us to film a drone video taking place in the exhibition.




You can watch (and share!) the video on Vimeo:




A multi-user experience for Hololens, HTC Vives and Ipads




ATLAS Drone Video credits:


Filmed at STRP Festival by
Joanie Lemercier


Curated for STRP Festival by
Juliette Bibasse


Additional graphic design & animation
Vincent Nguyen
Félix Panis-Jones


Additional model making
Cécile Balate
Marie Coppens
François Bertiaux
Coralie Rottier
Thibault Danhaive
Benoît Chanut
Leila Kulawik
Clarisse Degeneffe
Ismael Cabello
Bouhamdi Shaima
Abdessamad Sabaraoui
Xavier Hoyos Mora-Cuevas


Contribution to the models
Kids from Molenbeek's schools 1, 5 and 10


Contribution to the Tower of Babel
Students from Arts² Mons


Thanks to the STRP Festival team


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