About the artistic work: Embryonic

Mar 26, 2019

My artistic subjects are to explore how culture, society and the advancement of technology influence personality-development. With cosmetic, technical and pharmaceutical means, we change to comply with social norms. I artistically processes my insights into these themes, through the use of media such as sculpture, installation and video.

↓Last installtion- "Costruzioni del corpo", 2017

(link to webside: https://valeria-abendroth.com/portfolio/costruzioni-del-corpo/)

The new work for the residency is "Embryonic", a tactile room installation where the visitors can enter and experience a new world with all the sences.





It represent a surrealistic laboratory space showing the development process of the printing technology of body.

My intention is to think about the evolution of human body and to be aware of his existense as a physical being.

I want to activate the sensitivity because only when we feel and touch we produce a feeling for our self and we create a realistic impression of space through the sense of touch.

Objects of art in my studio, work in progress. It will be possible to touch the objects.

My sculptures reflect on the meaning of our body in the present and the future. The biomorphic sculptures, as reminiscent of human body parts, become integrated parts of the spatial installation where reality and fantasy merge in the space.

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