Blueprints For An Emergent Personality: End & Video

Mar 21, 2019

Blueprints wrapped up at the end of January with the successful completion a range of pieces that explore the possibilities for visual representation of non-human personality.

Here is a video discussing the residency outputs:

The aim of the residency was to visually explore the possibilities for visual representation of non-human personality. Theo used the data from the AMORE model to create a series of works using both objective analysis and subjective interpretation. She found that the principal aspects of interest were visual illusions as symbolic of confusion, disembodiment and the anxiety around lack of prioritization. In addition to the 140page sketchbook (link to earlier post), a range of small works were created, which helped Theo visually navigate through the hypothetical-emotional landscape of the AMORE model during consultations with psychological experts in London.

This initial synthesis of materials gathered worked towards the right aesthetic to convey the emotion and complexity of the subject. Optical illusion and visual confusions were particularly potent in representing some of the model’s obstacles for human-like comprehension. Visual cues from the city of Barcelona proved especially useful in exploring this line of inquiry, especially the wax rubbings of the city’s pavements, photographs of bark in the city’s trees and archival photographs of models for some of the city’s iconic statues and friezes.

The final works of art involved collage as well as drawing and ink painting. The mixed media representations use texture and visual noise to create emotional flashpoints that conjure the hypothetical experience of the AMORE model’s non-human personality. Visual perplexities, confusions about identity, a fundamental dissociation from a human’s recognizable visual world are hallmarks of the six final pieces, which resonate with each other, each using a combination of techniques and motifs to convey an imagined emotional reality.

Thanks to everyone in the AMORE team, to the UPF video team (La Factoria) and especially to VERTIGO STARTS for their support of this project.

For more details ,including a link to a pdf of our residency report, please follow the links on Theo's website.

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