Work in Progress: 3D PRIME X Embryonic

Mar 18, 2019

My technology partner Vitor Viera from is based in Heidelberg, he is cooperating with the company "Create it real" from Denmark and the surgical clinic in Heidelberg and Tübingen.

They all together are developing a new 3D-printing system which will create the most sophisticated and realistic human organ models to date, with as much as realistic materials, like different silicone mixtures.

The organ models will be produced after a real patient file (CT) while using the “organ print app” specially developed for this printing system. It will allow physicians and students a realistic and accurate view of the human body, focusing on subtleties such as tissue hardness and fine-structures. It allows a better preparation for practical classes, for exams and surgery and thus improving their learning experience and increase their success-rate and grades.

For the moment we are printing different inner parts of the body with hard plastic filament, to try out the form of organs (inside and outside) and the software possibilities.

Next step is to print 3d molds of organs and develop silicone mixtures.

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Valeria Abendroth

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