February 14, 2020

January 21, 2020

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Magic Lining: an exploration of e-textiles altering people's self-perception

May 28, 2018


Magic Lining is a collaborative project between an artist (Kristi Kuusk) and scientists from the areas of human-computer interaction, psychology and neuroscience (MAGICSHOES). The team works on a prototype  that focuses on the possibilities for altering the perception people have of their own body through the garment’s inside. The project focuses on e-textiles to integrate sensory feedback close to the body. The work builds on the insights from scientific project MAGICSHOES and proposes a garment that allows the user to feel as if their body would be made of a different material. In this intersection of neuroscience research on mental body-representation, human-computer interaction and real-life smart textile applications. The project asks questions about the meaning of clothing.


Here is a video of our work in progress!



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