The Plants Sense. Soft Interfaces

Apr 21, 2018

Our soft interfaces almost ready! Our plant-human soft interfaces are only a part of our garden. Thanks to the sensors connected to the plants, the plants are going to be the brain of the garden, able to control the lights, the mechanical structures (coming soon in a new post), a wearable interface and these devices designed to interact with the public when them hold it in their hands. After making some test we decided to use silicone, and we made our own moulds with PLA, able to reproduce our new interfaces that allow people to feel the plants. In harmony with the sensors holders, we get inspiration from nature one more time to design a device that remind us to a little animal or a strange fruit.

Inside the interfaces we design a 3D printing structure to hold the electronics, the engines –to move the device–, and a speaker to reproduce low frequencies that also will move the soft structure.

Here a short video with a movement test.

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