Magic Lining at Tallinn University

Apr 20, 2018

Kristi collaborates in the STARTS residency of Magic Lining with two teams of MAGIC SHOES project: Ana Tajadura-Jiménez works at the University Carlos III de Madrid Department of Computer Science and Engineering and Aleksander Väljamäe works at the School of Digital Technologies, Human-Computer Interaction group at Tallinn University (HCI@TLU). You can see the insights about the Magic Lining working sessions in Madrid of week1 and week2. Next part of the residency happens in the intersection of Tallinn University and Kristi’s studio SPELL in Estonia. One of HCI@TLU research directions is related to somatic practices and soma-based design, in relation to actors and dancers work. Specifically, creating an ICT-harnessed loop between body and mind for health and well-being, where vibration can provide information about cognitive/emotional states of the user. Apart from technical support of Magic Lining, the exploration of new possible applications, in particular, related to neurotheatre domain have been taken up.

The working table at SPELL studio has filled with vibration motors and tiny wires in the exploration of various patterns of vibration for the Magic Lining prototype. Several technical limitations of the first and second prototype are being solved and improved. And we are coming closer to the envisioned piece of cloth that delivers sensations to the body through subtle vibration movements.

Tanel Toova from Tallinn University has helped Kristi to improve the electronics set up of the project. By now the vibrations are controlled individually.

Short clip of making :)

VIDEO: Magic Lining focuses on the possibilities for altering people’s self-perception through the garment’s inside. See more from the original project proposal:

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