The Plants Sense. Work in progress

Apr 16, 2018

Our short stay at CITA –Centre for Information Technology and Architecture– in Copenhagen was amazing and very fruitful. During three weeks at CITA we also visited and talk with the team of Robotics, Evolution and Art Lab (REAL) at IT University of Copenhaguen. And we took a train from Copenhagen to Lübeck (Germany) to see what was happening at the Service Robotics Group at the University of Lübeck, and we could know and see by fisrt-hand more about the Flora Robotica project. After some interviews, conversations and discussions with some of the researchers of the project we created the video that you can see below, in which we explained the approach of our artwork "The Plants Sense" based on Flora Robotica project.

Then, back in Spain we started to work at LABoral Centro de Arte in the design of the different devices that are going to compose our garden. Inspired by organic forms and the nature, we created our own imaginary made of 3d printing. You can see below some pictures of the process.

Now we are printing some PLA molds in order to create our soft devices able to pick them up and feel the plants. More information coming soon Stay tuned!

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