February 14, 2020

January 21, 2020

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December 5, 2017


Dec 5, 2017


In order to guarantee the dissemination of the works-in-progress in residencies and to let the freedom of the artists in residencies to communicate on their own way the VERTIGO Residencies Blog has been set up through the platform “WIX”. The purpose is to have an additional channel for the dissemination of the artworks development by artists without interaction from the IRCAM communication team. In order to increase the awareness of the artist project in residency, the blog is an additional opportunity to dissemination their artworks more independently.






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VERTIGO is funded under the H2020 European STARTS initiative, innovation at the nexus of Science, Technology, and the ARTS. STARTS promotes the arts as catalysts for efficient conversion of science and technology knowledge into products, services, and processes.