Kasia Molga - Presentation

Nov 17, 2017

In my work I fuse between art, engineering, science and imagination using design as unifying vehicle, which can describe me as a design fusionist. I create narratives by making installations and objects through which I question technology and how it changes our attitudes and perception of nature and environment. I believe that is very important in the current context of climate and environmental change and thus political and social transition. I also call myself an agent of Multinatural democracy. That is because my passion is environmental data / biodata – signals which come from other than human living organisms or chemical processes in entities thanks to which life is possible. I look at these signals as a language of the source and try to render it in such a way so we can understand it from other than only ours point of view. My work wouldn’t be possible without technology, and so I often hack or appropriate existing tech while questioning this tech impact on individual and society.

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